These are words and phrases used throughout the blog that may not be familiar to all readers (updated occasionally). If you encounter an unfamiliar term on this blog but don’t find a definition for it here, please email us with your question. Alternatively, see the Maine Legislature’s Glossary for a complete list of terms used there.


AG: Attorney General

EUT: Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology of the Maine State Legislature

HAVA: Help America Vote Act

IE: Independent Expenditure

JUD: Committee on Judiciary of the Maine State Legislature

LD: Legislative Document – a measure before the legislature

LWV: League of Women Voters

LWVME: League of Women Voters of Maine

MCCE: Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

MCEA: Maine Clean Elections Act

ME: Maine

Neither-for-nor-Against: Testimony offered in public hearing that neither supports nor opposes a bill

ONTP: Ought Not to Pass; a committee recommendation regarding a measure, bill, resolution or LD

Resolution: “An expression of the will of the Legislature that does not have the effect of law.”

SCOTUS: Supreme Court of the United States

SLG: Committee on State and Local Government of the Maine State Legislature

SOS: Maine Secretary of State

TAX: Committee on Taxation

VLA: Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs of the Maine State Legislature



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