Easy-to-Read Voter Guide for the 2016 election

We’re so excited!  It’s here!voterguide2016

The League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund has released its ninth Easy-to-Read Voter Guide for the 2016 election.

This year’s guide covers the presidential race, both federal races for the U.S. House of Representatives, Districts 1 and 2, five statewide citizen initiative questions, and one statewide bond issue that will be decided by voters on November 8th.

As always, the guide is nonpartisan and does not endorse any candidate or party or promote any platform or position on the ballot questions.

As we have for the past eight years, we will distribute free paper copies of the guide to citizens throughout Maine. This year, we printed and are distributing 50,000 copies to libraries, adult education centers, social service agencies, colleges, and high schools across the State.

A PDF of the guide is also available to download from the LWVME website, www.lwvme.org. Information about candidates and ballot questions will also be online at Vote411.org.

Paper copies can be requested by emailing voterguide@lwvme.org or calling 207-622-0256 Ext 2quote-about-voter-guide

Please share with family and friends so we’re all ready to vote on Election Day!

Jill Ward, President
League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund


Top Ten Reasons to Support LWVME in 2015


Giving Tuesday 2015 copyWe hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, friends, food and fun.  We hope, for those of you who like a good bargain, that Black Friday and Cyber Monday brought you many steals and deals.DonateStar

Now, we hope you will help us have a successful #GivingTuesday by supporting the League of Women Voters of Maine and our efforts to make democracy work better in Maine.

Top ten reasons to support LWVME in 2015:

10. Registering new voters.  On National Voter Registration Day, at naturalization ceremonies across the state, and throughout the year the League is there making sure citizens are registered.  So far this year, we have helped to register more than 400 new voters.

9. Annual Easy-to-Read Voter Guide.  The 2015 guides helped Portland voters make informed decisions on the mayoral race, and all Maine voters got the facts on the statewide ballot questions.

8. Open Dialogue and Civil Discourse.  Through candidate and issue forums the League gave voters an unbiased place to ask questions and get them answered.

7. Advocacy.  Providing expert testimony in Augusta on voting rights and laws that encourage voter participation.

6. All-Volunteer.  That’s right.  The League does all this great work and more through volunteers.

5. Holding our local and state officials accountable.  The League is a leading voice in Maine for your right to know and our right to a government free of corruption and undue influence.

4. Ranked Choice Voting in Maine.  Ranked Choice Voting is certified for the ballot in 2016, which would give voters the power to rank candidates from favorite to least favorite, thanks in part to the League’s leadership.

3. Pushing Back against Big Money in Politics.  YES on 1 passed, strengthening our landmark, first-in-the-nation Clean Elections system and bringing more transparency and accountability to Maine elections.

2.  Nonpartisan.  The League continues to be one of a few nonpartisan, grassroots, political organizations working on behalf of all voters, and we are proud of this heritage.

1. Your voice.  Your vote.  It’s what makes democracy work and it’s why the League of Women Voters of Maine is here, working every day for you to make sure your vote counts, your voice is heard.

#GivingTuesday is propelled by those who believe that passion and commitment can make a difference.

We certainly believe that here at the League of Women Voters of Maine.

If you want to help us make a difference, please make a donation today to support our work.


Jill Ward
President, League of Women Voters of Maine

Election 2015: Have you got the Voter Guide?

Easy-to-Read Voter Guide 2015 – Maine General Election

The League of Women Voters of Maine Education Fund published its eighth annualEasy-to-Read Voter Guidefor the November 3, 2015 general election. And, this year, the LWVME Education Fund also published anEasy-to-Read Voter Guide for the Portland Mayoral Election. Get both here!

Nonpartisan information for Maine voters.
Just the facts:  these guides do not endorse or oppose any party or candidate.

Take the guide to the polls with you!

Print  the Maine Guide

Print the Portland Guide.





Here’s what people said about last year’s guide:

  • Thank you for offering voters a simple, user friendly document that is UNBIASED to aid Maine voters on the path to Election Day!
  • I’m just calling to thank you for the Easy-to-Read Voter Guide. I got it at my library. And now I understand the issues. Thanks to you, I’m going to vote this year.
  • If you were only going to read one thing before you went to the polls …, we would have to defer to the League of Women Voters of Maine’s “Easy-to Read Voter Guide. From the Penobscot Bay Press, October 21, 2014.

Get yours now!

Download a copy (from the links above) or pick one up at a local library (Portland area).