Wine & Whine: Post-Election Recovery Tactics

Portland-Area League members and guests gathered on a rainy evening to unwind after a long and contentious election. The meeting room at Peloton Labs on Congress Street was bursting at the seams for the second post-election Whine and Wine event.

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The purpose of the gathering was to offer people a non-partisan (or multi-partisan) way to debrief or process the election – no matter how they voted or how they feel about the results. With an eye toward the League’s continuing work and the many issues facing our state, guest speakers Meredith Burgess, Cynthia Dill, and John Brautigam led a wide-ranging discussion that included Ranked Choice Voting, the two-party political system, and ways to get involved in the democratic process.

With over thirty attendees, it was a lively night. And, it was the League at its best: uniting people to discuss and work for democracy.


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